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Hi JeansenVaars, I think the product looks great, unfortunately, they have recently disabled PayPal in Thailand for non-Thai's. Is there any other way I can get some funds to you?

Cheers and happy festive season:-)

Thank you, Opus, don't worry so much. Your thanks and liking this product is already a huge thing for me. Please enjoy it, and why not share an actual play someday :)

Thank you! I'm excited to try this and PUM!


Ooh I love the look of those d100 tables!  For some reason I keep finding myself gravitating toward big tables of adjectives (I constantly need to know things like "What does this cool new item look like?" and "So we found some kind of building in the wilderness, but what is it?") and the one included here will give a big boost to my collection. 😃

And the subject/topic table is great for "What does the NPC talk about?" and "What's written in the letter?" or "What does the inscription say?"

Thanks for the great resource!


Thank you for your kind words! Indeed, the Inspiration Prompts tables should definitely help with those kinds of questions. Complement them with yes/no oracles of PUM to refine them afterwards :)