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Game Unfolding Machine (GUM) is a generic and modular Game Master’s assistant that helps you set up and play your favorite tabletop roleplaying games with less effort by providing you with ideas for creating and playing your game.

It is essentially made of two parts, a game creation guide that helps you set up engaging plot seeds and open up to world building elements, and a second part with a set of inspiring random tables to enrich your game further, or get ideas on the fly, such as items, enemies, battle strategies, clues, and more.

This supplement has been created for Solo or GM-Less playstyle. GUM can be a perfect addition for your solo games, which will help you setup richer games and give you plenty of ideas for whenever you get stuck.


  • Game creator - World truths, campaign goals, plot hooks
  • Scene design - Get ideas for exploration and combat scenes
  • Plot discoveries - Figure out what your PCs can discover next
  • Generators like for creatures or locations - Prompts for coming up with stuff
  • Motivations and deeds for Good or Evil character backgrounds

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Languages: English, Spanish

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Difference between PUM, GUM, and SUM?

PUM is a GM emulator, SUM is a supplement for any GM emulators, and GUM v2 is a set of abstract random tables and generators. You can use all three together, or however you prefer with other systems.

Difference between GUM v1 and GUM v2?

GUM v1 is a bulky all-in-one GM emulator that went a bit over the board. It tried to do everything and encompasses everything I ever played around with in my homebrews. GUM v2 is a concrete content generator that works better along PUM and SUM and has a better defined purpose, representing my current vision for it.

This video explains these differences much better.

Have fun and happy gaming


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TagsSolo RPG
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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America


Buy Now5.00€ EUR or more

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I tried to buy PUM, SUM and GUM on itch, but only Paypal payment is available.  I do not have Paypal.  I tried to purchase with a card on Driverthrurpg, but for some strange reason it rejected my payment.  In Itch I don't have that problem.  Is there a way for you to enable card payment in itch?  Or is there another way to purchase?

Will SUM, GUM and PUM have a card payment method? If I buy them on DriveThruRPG, is there also access to the Spanish versions?

Yes and yes!!! Enjoy:)

Is this the final version?

Hi NJred2000 - yes. There are no updates in the plan.

How can I access my copy of the GUM v.2 included with my Extended v.1? The GUM v.1 seems to have disappeared from your catalogue. Maybe you are not referencing it, but it is still available on itch.io, but searching in itch.io is a real nightmare and the only way to find my purchases is locating them from within the author’s page.

I am very sorry, it is my fault :( - I broke my itch page in the transition from GUM v1 to GUM v2. Please reach out to me in Discord (jeansenvaars) and I'll send you a key to claim GUM v2 (same for any other users). Lessons learned...

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Hi, Thank you. I sent you a friend request in Discord. I don’t know if you have your own channel of Discord, since it is not mentioned in your itch.io page or in your YouTube Information page. Regards, Antonio

P.S.: I found a link in your website, http://jeansenvaars/#2857, but it does not work. Or maybe, but I am not very well acquainted with Discord.

I sent you a download link!

Gracias. Todo perfecto.

Could we get a version without the background? Love this btw!

(1 edit) (+1)

Love the layout

But I would love a bit more explanation of how some of the tables are used. Probably just my lack of experience tho.

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This originally caught my eye when it was initially released and I liked a lot of what I saw. With some of the recent polishing and additions you made, this is shaping to be my favorite tool for solo gaming (and even groups!).

The game creation section had definitely helped me come up with interesting session starters, and the list of related words for a lot of the different tables has definitely sparked my imagination more effectively than a few other tools I have been looking at recently.

Truly is, as you stated, a "GM Assistant".

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello Viper758, can't appreciate enough that you share your feedback with GUM v2. It makes me so happy that it served the purpose it was meant to serve :) I also like the game creator, wanted to play around the idea of a "Reason" table in it too, but for now it's up to the player reading :) Super glad, thanks!

Hello Jeanse, what is the difference between this new version of GUM v2 Rev1 and GUM Rev5? I'm lookin to the pages' number end the table of contents and they are very different.


Hi Alessioserini - The V2 is the newest version of GUM. It has been made free for those who had GUM Rev5 :)

Play with your favorite one or the one you like the most!!

Hey Jeansen. I bought GUM v1. How can I get GUM v2 for free?

(1 edit)

It should be within the download files


Rev1 of this is currently missing bookmarks in the PDF. It could also be aligned slightly nicer, but the compact, dense format is a welcome change and useful to people who have used GUM before.

The biggest change from GUM v1 is the apparent removal of the general action/intent/focus oracle; whether one considers this redundant or not will be a matter of taste.

Overall I consider this an improvement.


Thank you so much. I've been toying with the idea of playing without abstract prompts, and favor what makes the most sense and more accurate tables. Let see how that goes :)

As for the bookmarks, that is a big miss. Will solve asap.

Hey Dallas - I ended up adding back the Grand Oracle to GUM V2. But it is instead more like the one in the Scene Unfolding Machine, with multiple words per entry.