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The Game Unfolding Machine (GUM) is a GM Emulator to play any RPG you like without a GM figure. It follows the road of my previous installments the Plot Unfolding Machine and the Scene Unfolding Machine, and represents my current way of playing games right now.

GUM - Features

  • 5 Tools: Oracles, Plan Check, Intervention, Challenge, and Conflict
  • 8 Steps process to create a game from scratch into your first scene
  • Meta-tool to design interesting scenes and content for your PCs
  • 10 tailored random tables that aim for an all-in-one solo experience
  • Advice for playing solo RPG, and all my love of months of work
  • One-pager with a compact version of the tools to play conveniently

GUM Extended (threshold price $5) - Features

5 additional tools to add to your toolkit:

  • Brain prober: Prompting questions for expanded world and scene building
  • Scene kicker: Get unstuck by generating scene starting phrases
  • Plot discovery: Reveal the plot with past, present, and imminent clues
  • NPC interaction: Get ideas for NPC dialogue and feedback
  • Enemy action: Bring your opposition to life by figuring out their actions
  • Additional meta-tool Hexflower based scene prompt scenario for traversing dungeons and unknown areas!

I really hope you like this toolbox for playing Solo RPGs, and it may be used to play with friends, or be used to generate amazing adventures for your groups too!

Appreciations: Othelarian, Steelheartx, Zadmar, Stargolem, Philip Dudley, and Tam

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Tools to play:

Donations really welcome, to bundle these rules together, it took me tremendous amount of effort, trial and error, and a lot of testing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, share with others if you like, and your feedback and donation are welcome!


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GUM-Extended-Onepager-final-bundle-Rev5-2.pdf 4 MB
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I love SUM because it is the only GM emulator I know that acknowledges that the GM is a person, not an answer box. Call it table level emulation.

So I was curious how much of that carried over here. I’m eyeing that “NPC Interaction” module in the extended rulebook and wondering if it is robust enough to use as player emulation…

Hey listmaster, thanks. Unfortunately GUM is GM Emulator focused. Out of all, SUM is indeed the most PC emulation of all.


One of the best GM emulators I've ever seen. Phenomenal work!

Wohoo!! :D Thank you so much

This is amazing. Any chance we can get the tables in an editable format? I want to import them into obsidian and automate them where I can, otherwise I have to type it all out! Thanks.

Hi thanks, yes, check here

Wow, that's a lot of stuff to pour through - thank you!

I just printed both GUM & GUM Extended in a single booklet for personal use. Looks like a great tool which I am looking forward to try. Thanks for creating this!

I just printed GUM v1! Are there large changes to v2? 

By the way, thank you SO much for these three! I am retiring many of my older soloRPG tools now.

(1 edit)

Hey Bardo, thanks for the nice words. rev-2 fixes a few typos in the header titles, and one duplicate entry in a random table, page 21 "Location Identity", the entry "Battleground" appeared twice in row 2 and 15. Row 2 should say "Low or no gravity" instead. Regards!

Looking forward to checking it out. Really like that it explains  clearly how to play and the steps to set it up. 

Awesome!!! Also looking forward to it playing well :) have fun Brian

Psyched about this one. And psyched to hear it will be on Foundry VTT soon as well.

Thank you so much! Yes, PUM and SUM are now playable inside the Mythic GME Tools module in Foundry, but I am considering of separating them all in their own module :)

(1 edit)

Amazing. I just found PUM and SUM within the Mythic GME over on Foundry. Excellent. Really appreciate your excellent work in this space.  Thank you!